About FESCA:
Our goals

The goal of FESCA aisbl. is to establish cooperation between its members and relevant EU institutions, international organisations and public institutions worldwide, and to work towards achieving the best possible standards of care for all European people with systemic sclerosis.

The Federation of European Scleroderma Associations (FESCA aisbl.) is the European umbrella organisation for all those who suffer from scleroderma.

Founded in 2007, it is registered as a charity in Belgium, with a Board drawn from five different EU countries. It is an umbrella group of 23 national scleroderma patient support and advocacy organisations in 18 European countries.

FESCA aisbl.’s mission is to provide information to people with scleroderma, increase awareness on an international level, and advocate for equitable treatments for people with scleroderma throughout Europe.

FESCA aims to help speed the translation of science into therapy, and to increase the dialogue between doctors and patients, so as to improve the level of care as speedily as possible.

FESCA works in conjunction with its member associations to enhance awareness of this highly debilitating, progressive disease, and to promote optimal standards of care for every person living with the disease in Europe. To this end, FESCA works with the scientific and political community to ensure availability of approved treatments across Europe and to encourage research for new medicines and therapies.

Scleroderma research

Scleroderma researchFESCA, Federation of European Scleroderma Associations aisbl, encourages and undertake surveys, research projects and clinical trials related to the systemic sclerosis disease, and the publication of the results of any such research.

FESCA is always looking for better therapies. This is why we are partners with many different pharma companies. Pay our Scleroderma projects section a visit, and learn more about scleroderma research projects we're involved in.

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