GILS – Italian Group for the fight against Scleroderma – launched Scleroderma 9 Units in Italy in order to give to the sick person can receive quickly the help of an integrated team also offering access to research protocols with experimental treatments.

Information for early diagnosis, education and awareness raising, promotion of scientific research, support patients and their families are priorities for the Gils.

GILS news:

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Scleroderma research

Scleroderma researchFESCA, Federation of European Scleroderma Associations aisbl, encourages and undertake surveys, research projects and clinical trials related to the systemic sclerosis disease, and the publication of the results of any such research.

FESCA is always looking for better therapies. This is why we are partners with many different pharma companies. Pay our Scleroderma projects section a visit, and learn more about scleroderma research projects we're involved in.

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