Scleroderma Day

Scleroderma Day was created to tell people, including the medical community, what it means to have scleroderma. June 29th is a day to recognize the bravery of those who live with this disabling disease, and to demand equal treatment and equal care for people with scleroderma across Europe. We chose June 29th for Scleroderma Day in honour of the gifted Swiss artist Paul Klee. He made painting his life’s work, but it was strongly influenced by his illness, systemic scleroderma.
Paul Klee died June 29, 1940.

Scleroderma Day news:

World Scleroderma Day 2018

You really liked our campaign from last year: Scleroderma will not take my smile. So why not do the campaign another year, but still a bit different than last year.

Scleroderma will not take my smile

World Scleroderma Day 2017: We invite you from all over the world to post a picture/video with smiles on social medias like twitter, facebook, instagram etc with the hashtag #ScleroSmile

Scleroderma research

Scleroderma researchFESCA, Federation of European Scleroderma Associations aisbl, encourages and undertake surveys, research projects and clinical trials related to the systemic sclerosis disease, and the publication of the results of any such research.

FESCA is always looking for better therapies. This is why we are partners with many different pharma companies. Pay our Scleroderma projects section a visit, and learn more about scleroderma research projects we're involved in.

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