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Jun 1, 2020 | News, Scleroderma Day

Scleroderma is a rare chronic autoimmune rheumatic disease that affects the body by hardening connective tissue. Skin and internal organs can be damaged by this illness. It can be life threatening and currently there is no cure. However, successful treatments are available for individual organs.

As we face the challenge of Covid-19, we need you to protect yourself to protect us because Scleroderma patients, particularly those with lung involvement and those on immunosuppressant medication have reduced immunity. This makes us vulnerable to having more severe symptoms if we contract the virus.

If you have been diagnosed with Scleroderma, we want to let you know that you are not alone.

There are 28 associations in 22 countries united in the FESCA network and we are here to support you.

Join our community. You are not alone.


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