6th Systemic Sclerosis World E-Congress 2020

While we are preparing the upcoming world congress in 2022,

we invite you to catch up on our virtual congress from 2020 which is free of charge. 

Click the sessions below.

Welcome to the 6th Systemic Sclerosis World E-Congress 2020 – Patient Congress

Latest update:  13. January 2021

Dear Participant,

Unfortunately, due the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to first postpone and then completely cancel the World Congress in Prague in 2020. Along with the steering committee, we came to the conclusion that due to the uncertainty of the virus progression and the high possibility of a second wave of the virus outbreak that we should explore a virtual solution of the 6th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress.

We have worked very hard to make this happen and we are very pleased to offer you a virtual congress experience.

We have recorded the congress and you will have access to the presentations by clicking the titles in the programme.

Finally, we are happy to inform you that the 7th edition of the congress in 2022 will be in Prague.

Best regards,
Sue Farrington, President
FESCA – Federation of European Scleroderma Associations aisbl.

Fesca Welcome Sue Farrington (UK)
What is new since 2018 and what can we expect for the next 2 years? Yannick Allanore (FR)
What newly diagnosed patients must know
Just diagnosed with scleroderma – Now what? Maureen Mayes (US)
New treatments, research and expectations
What are we learning from research? Chris Denton (UK)
What patients should know about participation in clinical trials Joep Welling (NL)
The Hands in Scleroderma
Digital ulcers & how best to treat them Professor Marco Matucci Cernici (IT)
Calcinosis Ariane Herrick (UK)
How to keep hands mobile Linda Kwakkenbos (NL)
The Skin in Scleroderma
Localised scleroderma Pia Moinzadeh (DE)
How systemic sclerosis affects the skin Pia Moinzadeh (DE)
Self Management
How to deal with fatigue Eric Hachulla (FR)
GI Tract
Understanding the GI tract and gut problems (unavailable at the moment) Anna Maria Hoffmann-Vold (NO)
Truths and lies on diets. How to maintain your weight Elizabeth Volkmann (US)
Families with Children with SSc. How to cope
Paediatric Scleroderma Ivan Foeldvari (HU)
Parents’ experience Silvia Sandalescu (RO)
Who could benefit from a transplant? Jaap van Laar (NL)
Reducing toxicity in transplants Alan Tyndall (CD)
Patient experience (unavailable at the moment) Michael Oeschger (DE)
Patient experience Stephanie Stephanie Munoz (NO)
Lungs and Heart
PAH-the heart in SSc Carina Mihai (CH)
Patient experience, lungs Edith Brown (UK)
Ask the Professor
In Italian Professor Marco Matucci Cernici (IT)
In German Ulf Muller-Laedner (DE)
In Hungarian Laszlo Czirjak (HU)
In French (unavailable at the moment) Yannick Allanore (FR)
in Spanish Patricia Carreira (ES)
Closing comments
Wrap Up – What does the future hold Professor Alan Tyndall (CH)
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