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Jan 9, 2021 | News

You hear it all the time: moisturise moisturise moisturise.

In wintertime our skin tend to be more dry. All people have this problem during winter, but for scleroderma patients it can be a bit more tricky. If you have too much collagen in the skin, the cells in charge of providing oil and lubrication to the skin have difficulty in keeping it moist. It breaks down the natural barrier against mechanical stress and infections due to the decrease in in skin moisture and associated elasticity.

Excessive dryness of the skin may lead to skin breakdown and ulcerations. Excessive bathing and hand washing should be avoided, and rubber gloves worn to avoid direct contact with household detergents.

Keeping the skin moist and well-lubricated is important to avoid complications from dry skin. Bath oils and moisturizing soaps are preferable to harsh soaps which dry out the skin.

During the winter months, a humidifier may help.

So keep your skin moist as much as possible as many individuals with scleroderma can have damaged skin due to lack of circulation, thickening of skin, and ulcers.

The board of FESCA share with you tips and tricks to keep skin moist:
  • Find the right lotion that works for you and moisturise moistorise moisturise throughout the day; body, face, hands, lips…
  • Remember to moisturize your ears to protect it from the cold
  • Use aqueous cream for everything: washing, moisturising, nail care, face cream…lots of it, as often as you want
  • Use products for sensitive care, such as allergy-free care products, avoid perfume and parabens…
  • Use sun protection in your facial creams all year round
  • If you have very dry lips and nothing helps make a mix of honey and cane sugar, leave it on lips for approximately 15 minutes before rinse it with water (unless you couldn’t resist the taste)
  • Moisturise hands and feet before bed and sleep with cotton gloves and socks
  • Waxbath

Find more useful ideas and how to prevent dry skin below.

Useful resources: (German) (German) (English)

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