Scleroderma Healthcare Report

Mar 11, 2015 | News, Survey


Sclerodermie Advies & Voorlichting (Scleroderma Recommendation & Information – SAV) initiated the Scleroderma Healthcare study in 2013.

The principal reason was that the owner of SAV, Ramona Kanters, suffers from this disease and has made it her life objective to improve healthcare and quality of life in scleroderma. In this setting up to 200 patients were interviewed and the team administered a questionnaire.

The questionnaires were analyzed for 65 of these patients, 59 female and 6 male.

Read the whole report by Ramona Kanters and Mieke Rovers.

PDF: Scleroderma Healthcare Report

For more information, please visit the Sclerodermie Advies & Voorlichting website.

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