Scleroderma Research:

WSF, the World Scleroderma Foundation, based in Switzerland, with Paul Klee as its patron, has a prestigious worldwide Board, and FESCA’s president is the patient representative on the Board. The foundation pulls all funding for SSc research together.

World Scleroderma FoundationThe WSF is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation based in Switzerland, promoting scleroderma research and supporting patients suffering from scleroderma.

The World Scleroderma Foundation is dedicated to initiating and supporting research in scleroderma in all its aspects in all regions of the world. It is also committed to improving the quality of life for scleroderma sufferers and their families.

World Scleroderma Day

World Scleroderma DayHaving a disease that nobody has heard of is a lonely business. When even the doctors cannot recognise it, or tell you what is going to happen, it is lonelier still. So World Scleroderma Day was created to tell people, including the medical community, what it means to have this disabling disease. June 29 is a day to recognise the bravery of those who live with scleroderma, and to demand equal treatment and equal care for people with scleroderma across Europe.

Every year, on June 29, we campaign for a world in which equal rights, treatments, and care are offered to people with scleroderma, and in which such rare diseases are not forgotten, but afforded the consideration and attention of other more common diseases.

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