Finding the Light to Bloom

Thriving Together 2023

Together, we can find the light to bloom

Each year, on 29 June, the scleroderma community comes together to celebrate World Scleroderma Day.

It is a day to recognise the bravery of those who live with scleroderma (also known as systemic sclerosis), and demand equal treatment and care for patients, both across Europe and worldwide.

Building upon the momentum of 2022, we are continuing with our successful ‘Find the Light to Bloom’ campaign, illuminating the unmet needs of people living with the disease and the challenges they face regarding diagnosis, treatment and patient quality of life.

But this year, we are taking a step further and harnessing the powers of collaboration and shared purpose to create a brighter future for all. In this spirit, we invite everyone to get involved and learn more about scleroderma – from healthcare professionals, patients, families, policy makers, to each one of you who comes across our campaign.

Together we can help shed light on scleroderma and find solutions to lessen the burden on patients and communities.

Together we can thrive and help others to find the light to bloom.

We invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery – the journey of those who face the challenges of this disease. “Through Dance We Bloom” is a testament to them and a celebration of the power of the human spirit.

Join our movement

Feel part of our story: ‘I’ll never stop moving’

Through dance, we express emotion and feeling and can tell stories with the movement of our bodies. Our performance ‘Through Dance We Bloom’ was developed as part of our mission to call for equal treatment and care across Europe for people with scleroderma. Through movement, and with this project, we present the challenges faced by those living with the disease.

Explore the journey that patients go through, from diagnosis to treatment and finding the light to bloom.

​Hear from our MEP supporters

To ensure that our community continues to grow, this year we have reached out to even more Members of the European Parliament. We are grateful for their support in improving public knowledge and driving support for those with scleroderma.

Delve into our patient insights

As part of our “Finding the Light to Bloom” journey, we conducted a patient survey at the beginning of 2023 to measure how different countries perform against criteria related to scleroderma diagnosis, care and management, collecting data from patient organisations worldwide. Our aim was to find out about patient journeys and experience being diagnosed, receiving medical treatment, and managing their conditions, as well as discover more regarding the impact this disease has on their lives and the lives of those around them.

Become a voice for change and help us to amplify the experiences of people living with scleroderma – find more about the key findings below:

Help spread the word

Find here all the materials you need to raise awareness and instigate change for people living with scleroderma. Get access to our collection of social media posts, banners, posters and more.

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